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Early bird registration is open to returning players and will close November 15, 2021. It is open to players returning from last year and a few waitlisted players that will also receive this email. Once all thse players register, we will open to new players if we have spots available.

Our program coaches 8 year old 3rd graders -14 year old 8th graders.

Please select the team by grade and gender when registering your child.

Follow the instructions below to register your child for the Hoboken Lacrosse Club.

1. Use a laptop or desktp to register on our website. Do not use a phone or tablet. Do not try to register in the app.

2.  Enter your email address. The system will email you a password. (If you have previously enrolled in HLC, please use the same email address and password to access your data.)

3. Use the password to login to the Registration process.

4. Fill out the guardian information. If you are already in the database, please confirm that all of the information is correct.

5. Fill out the player information. If your child is already in the database, please verify the information.  If your child is ineligible, double check the birthdate to ensure it is correct. Click on the name and edit the birthday.

6. Submit. Do not click Pay Now. At this point, you should receive an email confirmation for registration. If you have a 2nd or 3rd child to register, click Add another player before paying or close out of the window. 

How do I know if my child is registered? You will receive an email confirmation after clicking Submit on the screen prior to the Pay Now screen.

Payment Options:

Early Bird Returning Player Special until 11/15/2021



If there is space left

Regular Registration from 11/15/2021 to 12/15/2021


Late Registration until 12/31/2021




***All HLC TRAVEL athletes will need to register for Hoboken's REC program before the season opens. Please visit the site, http://www.hobokennj.org/departments/recreation/, and click on the green Register Online hyperlink. Any questions regarding Hoboken's Lacrosse REC Clinic, please call (201) 420- 2012 or email  .
2022 HLC Club Membership


SSI Play App is now MANDATORY for playing time.

Hoboken Lacrosse Club will communicate100% via the app this season. The coaches and management are all unpaid volunteers that have full time careers and families. If you or your child do not update their weekly RSVP for practices and games, they will not play. We have been warming up to this point over the past 3 years using the app. We are now enforcing it across all 6 teams. Just like a child needs to come prepared with equipment and uniforms to play, our coaches need to come prepared knowing who is attending. We simply cannot email and text each family every week leading up to games and tournaments.

If you do not feel tech savvy, ask for your child to help you install and manage it. We all know they are tech wizards!


1. Click link above or go to your Mobile App Store, search for the SI Play app and click install.

2. Once install is complete, open SSI Play app.

3. Enter the email address you use to register and log into our Hoboken Lacrosse Club Website.

4. Click "I would rather type my password", enter your password that you use on our HLC website to log in. Click Log In.

5. Go to your email, look for an email from SSI Play, and click verify email.

If you are a returning player/ parent- sign out of your app and sign back in to get to the 2022 season.

Opened: 10/04/2021
Late date/fee: 12/15/2021$25.00
Closes: 12/31/2021

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 06/01/2007 and 12/31/2013

In Grades: 3 to 8 for 2021-22 School year